The objects we place around ourselves outline the shape of a life.

In the Neche Collection, artist and designer Veronica Corzo-Duchardt of Winterbureau, retells the story of her grandfather’s life across an archive of his possessions. Shaped both by his heritage as a Cuban exile of Lebanese descent and his painstaking work as an accountant, Neche instilled in his granddaughter a fascination with cultural artifacts as touchstones for personal history.

About the Project

The Neche Collection began as a daily blog and weekly print series that documented the objects collected by my grandfather, Neche Eugenio Hadad, a Cuban Exile of Lebanese decent, accountant, collector and sometimes thief. The project ran from April 15, 2011 - Oct 28, 2011, with a total of 149 objects and 29 limited edition screen prints, which were based on one or more of the objects from the corresponding week's posts. The Neche Collection retells the story of my grandfather's life through objects.

About the Collection

Many of the documents in the collection were sent by mail from Cuba by my grandfather a year before they left the country. All of pictures and documents prior to 1970 were sent to the United States via Spain since my grandfather knew he would not be allowed to take these belongs with him when they left Cuba.

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Exhibitions / Collaborations / Talks

Neche Collection Public Works Gallery,
Chicago, IL / Dec, 2011

Artist Lecture, Neche Collection Exhibition, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
Milwaukee, WI / Nov, 2012

Artist Lecture, Neche Collection Exhibition Public Works Gallery
Chicago, IL / Feb, 2012

Neche Collection Tattly

One of my grandfather's calculators is a temporary tattoo! You can buy one at Tattly

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